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The Guidance Department

The Guidance Department at Holly Hill-Roberts Middle School represents a cooperative learning effort between students, parents, teachers, counselors, and administrators, as well as special services and community agencies. 


Our purpose is to promote and enhance student learning by enabling students to develop their educational, personal/social and career strengths to become productive citizens and possess the attitudes, skills and knowledge that are essential to the competitive workplace of the 21st century.


For more information about grade level guidance activities, please contact:

Cathy P. Huger, Guidance Counselor/Career Specialist



Who Are School Counselors?

School Counselors are specially trained to help you realize your full potential. Depending on your needs, your School Counselor can help you:



  • Develop positive attitudes
  • Choose classes that meet your needs and interests  
  • Sort out and solve problems with family, friends, and teachers
  • Discover your talents and abilities
  • Help you develop a plan for academic success
  • Plan your future educational goals
  • Make sustainable decisions about your life and develop a plan to support decisions
  • Explore all of your options and discuss their likely effects on your life and goals. 
  • Assess your strengths & limitations
  • Explore and/or decide a career path
  • Discuss your needs and feelings. What doubts, fears and pressures do you have? What do you really want? What are your goals? What are your interests?
  • Help you discover programs offered at the school or in the community that would be beneficial to you.

Guidance Standards


Learning to Learn: 

Helping students –

  1. to develop personal qualities that contribute to being an effective learner employ strategies
  2. to achieve school success understand the interrelationship among life in the school, home, community, and society as a whole


Learning to Live:

Helping students - 

  1. understand and appreciate self, understand and respect others
  2. develop a sense of community
  3. learn to make decisions, set goals, take positive action, develop safety and survival skills


Learning to Work: 

Helping students -

  1. understand the relations among personal qualities, education and training, and the world of work
  2. explore careers and the connection of school to work
  3. develop a positive attitude towards work and the ability to work together
  4. understand how community awareness related to work
  5. develop communication, decision-making, goal setting, problem solving skills needed for the workplace